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Weaving and textile designing is a relatively new section at Norbulingka. The yarn woven is mostly organic cotton or eri silk, also called ahimsa silk, because this silk is extracted AFTER the silk worm has left the cocoon. (We had done a special feature on Eri and Muga silk some time back).

Norbulingka's main line of clothing is the "Traveller's Collection" which comprises comfortable, loose clothes mostly in natural colours. Weaving, dyeing, designing and tailoring - everything is done in-house

Another exclusive is their collection of shawls for every season - from light breezy stoles for the summer to warm cozy ones for the winter, all are hand-knotted and made of natural yarn.

it's no wonder that we, at The Handicraft Studio feel a deep connection to Norbulingka! :-)


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