The Handicraft Studio is a curated collection of all things ethnic. From finely woven textiles to intricately crafted wood and metalwork, The Handicraft Studio offers you an exclusive range of India’s most beautiful creations. The rich culture and heritage passed down through many generations of extremely talented weavers and artisans is visible in each exquisite piece of work.
Here, you’ll find some products that are conventionally traditional, and some with a twist of contemporary!

Our Goal

Our goal is to keep our rich culture and traditions alive by seeking arts and crafts that are local to the different parts of India, and providing a channel to make these available to the rest of the world.

Our Products

We keep striving to expand our product line by exploring the nooks and corners of our country to bring out the talents of our people so you will always see something new on our website. Our broad range of products includes textiles, home décor, home improvement accessories and gifts.