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Summer’s nearly here and every new season demands a wardrobe upgrade along with a sprucing up of old clothes. But if there’s one accessory that never goes out of style, it’s sheer silk scarves. Whether you want to embellish a simple outfit or manage crazy hair, scarves are a summer wardrobe essential.

Although a good fit for almost every occasion, there are a number of ways to style your scarf according to the need of the hour. Choose one that works for you from the following trendy and pretty styles.

1. Slip Knot:

A classy and simple way of wearing the scarf without much of a fuss, the slip knot is suitable for formal and casual occasions alike. Make sure you choose a colourful design and tie the knot loosely for an elegant look.

2. Bohemian:

If you want to deviate from your usual hairdos and try something funky but cool, you must try the Bohemian style of tying a scarf. An eclectic mix of old-worldly charm with a hipster vibe, it can be worn while traveling and at outings and parties.

3. Scarf Bun:

Messy hair? Don’t care! Try the Scarf Bun to curb those errant curls or hair tangles. Especially useful for thick, curly hair, the scarf bun is easy to tie and looks dainty. This is definitely one hairstyle on top of everyone’s list of summer hairstyles.

Scarf bun

4. The Faux Bow Tie:

Running late to an office meeting and have nothing good to wear? Pair a plain blouse with the faux bow tie. The charmingly elegant style looks deceptively complex but is in fact delightfully easy to tie.  

5. Reverse Mini-Bow:

An adorable look for women and young girls alike, the reverse mini-bow helps you to flaunt the beautiful silk scarf without making a fuss of managing it. Easy to make with almost any fabric, it looks especially alluring with lustrous silk scarves.


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