Metal urali pots and tealight holders set

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Handcrafted metal uralis (metal pots used for decoration) and tealight holders in the shape of beautiful lotus flowers, this is a set of nine pieces.

You can use it for decoration with flowers and floating tealights. The set can be dismantled and stored away easily, when not in use.

Sizes (may vary slightly):
Three broad uralis with a short base - 12X7, 10X6, 8X5 inches
Three tall, standing uralis - 6X16, 6X14, 6X12 inches
Three flat flower shaped tealight holders - 5 X 0.5 inches

1) Wipe with a clean, dry and soft cloth.
2) Do not scrape out any wax spillage with sharp object – this will scratch the coating.
3) Remove the tealight only after it has completely cooled down. 



Rs. 3,500.00


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Rs. 3,500.00
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