Lazy Susan - White and pink (15.5" and 22")

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Lazy Susan


A beautiful Lazy Susan made of pure acacia wood coated with enamel in white and pink. The smooth swivel makes it easy to use and it doesn't need any fixing - just keep it on the table where you want it, it's that easy!

Sizes available:

15.5" - Use this for all the condiments you always have on the table  - pickles, sauces, salt & pepper etc, along with a cutlery stand and tissue holder. This could also be the perfect addition to your tea party table as it can hold up to four snack bowls, or a complete tea set with a couple of snack plates. 

22.5" - Great when you have a few guests and want to have a nice sit-down dinner, this accommodates upto 4 serving bowls that can be passed around effortlessly.


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