Set of spice box and jewellery box

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A set of two boxes - a spice box and a jewellery box!

The spice box looks like a hard-bound book. It is made of bamboo cane and has an image of a treasure ship printed on the cover. It contains 9 different spices of India and comes with a small booklet about the spices of India. Ideal for gifting and can be used later to keep little trinkets like earrings, rings, tie-pins, U-clips, beads etc.
Size - 6" X 8"

The jewellery box is a wooden fibre box with a lid of silk fabric with small golden motifs, encased in glass. It is perfect to keep a watch or small trinkets like rings, earrings and chains. 
Size - 4" X 4"

Please note - the colour of the jewellery box may be different from the colour shown in the image as it is subject to stock. Colours available are pink, purple, green, maroon and red. Any of these colours will be dispatched depending on stock availability.
All spices are included in the price quoted


Rs. 1,600.00


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Rs. 1,600.00
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