Set of serving bowl and cheese board in pure wood with enamel coating

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The serving bowl is made of pure acacia wood and has a lovely design of a bird in blue and orange. It is handcrafted and the design is in an enamel coating making it completely food safe.

Diameter - 12 inches
Height - 4 inches
Colour - Natural brown, blue, white and orange

The contemporary, cheese serving platter is also in pure acacia wood with a plain orange enamel coated handle, this handcrafted piece can be used as a chopping board as well. 

Length - 15 inches
Width - 8 inches
Height - 0.5 inches

1) Wash gently with a soft sponge and mild detergent.
2) Do not use a scrub
3) Not dishwasher-safe
4) Do not put any food with artificial food colour in the product as this the artificial colour will stain the natural wood immediately.
5) Do not put food with too much turmeric as turmeric may stain the natural wood.
6) This is a breakable product; hence use with care.


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Rs. 2,800.00
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